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Artfulbigotry Kitsch Unisex TShirt

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Why aren't there any funny "jokes" about NY Firefighters, Policemen, and victims of the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy? It’s because EVERYONE remembers and can relate to that painful day. It’s because EVERYONE’s heart goes out to those suffering and struggling with their losses. It’s because EVERYONE watched their TVs in shock and disbelief and saw people crying for their lost family members and saw people working non-stop looking for their colleagues buried amongst the rubble. EVERYONE felt that pain.

Let’s fast forward 50 years from now. Your 18 year grandson comes up to you and tells some “funny” joke about how many firemen it takes to dig victims out of the rubble at Ground Zero. What do you do? Laugh? Chuckle? Internalize it? Or do you tell your grandson about how you were there when the buildings came down and how that’s really not funny, at least not to you. And that kid sees in your eyes how his LIGHTHEARTED JOKE was painful to you, and wants to learn why. He does some research and finds some newspaper clippings, images, audio files, and experiences second hand how horrible and devastating it was, and then realizes why you didn’t think his “joke” was funny.

There is a lot of history behind those images that Abercrombie thought would appeal to Asian Americans. Over 100 years of oppression and racism lie there. There are people alive today who lived during those times when racist images like those were used to dehumanize them while they were pulled out from their homes put into American concentrations camps. They felt, and feel that pain. There are people out there who have heard stories from their parents or grandparents about Chinatowns being burnt to the ground and their families working at laundromats because that’s the only job that they were “allowed,” and they saw the pain in their eyes as they listened to their stories. They felt their pain. And now we get to feel our own pain as these racist images resurface and you tell us “you’re overacting,” and “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it,” and “you shouldn’t boycott something so small,” and “Give it a break,” and “I found it funny,” and “It was absolutely hilarious,” and “why don’t the Irish get offended,” and “you’re putting feelings and emotions above logic,” and “you’ve crossed the line,” and “I’m sick of this PC shit,” and “it just goes to show…people will protest anything,” and “The world needs humor. We all need to lighten up.”

Do you really think that we need to lighten up?

Do you think that the grandfather who was at the fall of the WTC didn’t have a sense of humor?

There is a lot of history behind those images. I think you just have to find a way to relate.