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Hanalei Ramos Letters to Martha Book

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After a grueling break-up, Hanalei began writing "Letters to Martha" (Stewart) while the homemaking mogul was incarcerated for obstruction of justice and securities fraud. The exercise was originally meant as a personal distraction, but transformed into a very honest account of a life rebuilt. "Letters to Martha" addresses the issues women face while struggling with depression, codependency, and the curse of memory.

Hanalei Ramos is a community organizer, student, and artist from Jersey City, New Jersey. With Stephen Bor and Hang Le, she co-founded the 101 Project Artists Collective (currently inactive) wqhich aimed to create momentum between artistic disciplines for artists of color.
Aside from organizing, Hanalei is currently teaching a writing series to women in the Jersey City aree through the Women's Project, a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the self-determination, fianancial independence and mental health of women in Hudson County by providing free resources and workshops.

A portion of the proceeds from "Letter to Martha" will be going to the Women's Project of Jersey City, New Jersey.