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On History Grapefruits and Crickets Book

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Stephen Bor was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in British Columbia,

Washington, and Oregon. He first performed spoken word poetry to avoid

flunking out of Chinese school (he flunked out), and began performing spoken

word (in English) in March of 2002. In the fall of 2002, he helped found The

101 Project Arts Collective with Hanalei Ramos and Hang Le. He was named the

most inspirational poet at the ACUI college national poetry slam in 2003 and

2004. He looks up to the Asian American artist community for inspiration and


Stephen is a Sociology and Public Policy major at Rice University in

Houston, Texas. He has worked with OCA, a nationwide Asian Pacific American

civil rights organization, and founded the Rice University Asian Pacific

Americans for Social Action club, and is currently an Officer Candidate in

the United States Coast Guard. He hopes to visit your refrigerator one day.