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Gein Wong Thousand Mile Voice

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"The production on this album truly is unlike anything that's been released in awhile. This effort is a crucial entry to the historical cannon of Canadian music" Angelica LeMinh Ricepaper Magazine

Asian. Acoustic. Urban. Electronic. Poetic Lyrics. Infectious melodies. Gein Wong is an acclaimed spoken word poet, writer and electronic music composer who commands attention by throwing emotion and power through the mic. Her works focus on obvious things like gender, class and race....as well as things a little less obvious, like gender, class and race. Her words and music have been heard across Canada, as well as internationally in England, the Caribbean, and the United States. Her new CD ‘Thousand Mile Voice is a warm and distinctive blend of East Asian acoustic instruments and electronic brushed beats. Gein resides in Toronto where she co-runs the Asian Arts Freedom School.

What's Inside

1. Diaspora

2. Your Words

3. Fadeless Beauty

4. New World Border

5. Object w/ Heidi Chan

6. Han Guk Mal w/ Jin Huh (maewon) And Jugular

7. Edited Communities

8. A Paper Son w/ Heidi Chan

9. Mythos

10. Thousand Mile Voice

11. Communality by maewon (bonus truck)