Korean Drama Queen Tank Top by Blacklava

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Brand : Blacklava
Condition : New
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Korean Drama Queen Tank Top by Blacklava

For a couple of years now my mom has been suggesting that I make a shirt about one of her favorite past times... watching Korean Dramas. I've always dismissed the idea until recently when she brought it up yet again! After letting it stew in my brain for a few minutes and hearing her tell me a few more stories about how her, my aunties, and cousins got together to watch these hot episode.... well, an idea kinda popped into my head. Enjoy the Korean Drama Queen Tank Top. Thanks Nga and Steve from ChannelAPA.com for helping me late last night with putting this idea together.

Black Ink printed on American Apparel Made in the USA Non-Sweatshop 2x1 100% Cotton Tank Top.