Ramen is Skinny Udon is Fat Shirt by Blacklava

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Brand : Blacklava
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Ramen is Skinny Udon is Fat Shirt by Blacklava

This idea has been stewing in my brain for about 3 years now. I was initially imagining the words "Udon is Phat" with a blinged out diamond studded bowl of Udon and a thick gold chain, but my art skills are not all that. Simple is better for me. Anyways, so here ya go, the Ramen is Skinny, Udon is Fat T-shirt or U Neck Tank Top. I was trying to give some love to Soba but ran out of time so maybe will save that for another shirt.

White Ink on American Apparel Sweatshop-Free Made in the USA T Shirts.

The T shirt is Fine Jersey 100% Cotton Black with White Print.

The U Neck Tank Top is a 2x1 Ribbed 100% Cotton Raspberry with White Print.