Ray Lum's Easy to Learn Magic Tricks Volume 1 DVD and Foo Ling Yu T Shirt

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Ray Lum's Easy to Learn Magic Tricks Volume 1 DVD and Foo Ling Yu T Shirt

The new website has really opened some doors for blacklava in a way that I would have never imagined. I was fairly in tune with what was going on in Asian American Theater, Movies, Music, Comedy, Poetry, Sports.....but all of a sudden..POOF! (a billow of smoke..smoke..settles) and there stood Ray Lum, an Asian American Illusionist. He tells me that he tours.. he teaches.. he makes his own props.. and get this.. there is an entire community of Illusionists in Japan. I smiled.

So today.. you have the opportunity to razzle dazzle your mom, kids, friends, co-workers with some basic, easy to learn magic tricks by Ray Lum... and you can do it in style wearing Ray's Foo Ling Yu T Shirt.... just incase they didn't get that it was a magi.. never mind. haha.

T Shirt by American Apparel Sweatshop Free Made in the USA.

And I'm going to do a little Magic myself and make your shipping go...... (i'm waving my hand around the shipping cost).. POOF! It's gone! Where did it go? We'll I don't share my secrets. hehe.

Poof.. (i'm gone)

Here's what the DVD includes

Easy to Learn Magic Tricks Volume 1 (Beginner)

This DVD contains SIX Magic Tricks you can do anywhere to impress and amaze your family and friends. The Tricks include:

-Floating a Playing Card
-Floating a Candle
-Fandango Coin Routine
-2 -1 String Trick
-One Handed Cut of Deck of Cards Rising Card

-TWO interactive DVD tricks you can do for friends on your TV or Computer and THREE performances of some Classic Magic!

All shoot with just Ray Lum's hands zoomed in! So there's no distractions!

Check out more about Ray at: