+he Op+imis+ Presents The Hands That Time Forgot CD

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Today's Tuesday Night Tuesday Daily Deal is presented by loooooooooong time TNProject family member, DJ +he op+imis+!

Get your hands on "The Hands That Time Forgot" mixtape at this hot price while you can!

+he op+imis+ double handedly takes your ears on an audible journey with his latest mixtape CD "The Hands That Time Forgot". Chronologically mixed starting in 2009, "Hands" takes you back one track at a time back to the 1930's and spits your senses back out again in present day. What started as a live mix on Station 23 in Fullerton, CA, turned into a studio project that was "just fate". Laced with tracks from KRS-1, The Monkees, Jack Johnson, Benny Goodman, Kate Bush, James Brown, J5, Q-Tip, +he op+imis+'s favorite new MC, n0body and more, "Hands" 24 tracks promise a big group hug to the part of your brain that likes music.

+he Op+imis+ Presents A Mixtape Called “The Hands That Time Forgot“ CD

Track Listing

01. N0BODY Prelude

02. The DJ

03. Remedy

04. Give It Up

05. Inaudible

06. Meiso

07. Cherry Garden

08. Wings Of The Morning

09. Saturday Night

10. To The Max

11. Wild Wild West

12. New Day

13. Hay Baby

14. Last Train To Clarksville

15. I'mGonna Clap My Hands

16. Take It

17. Topsy Turvy

18. Hold On I'm Coming

19. Sweet Soul Music

20. Super Bad

21. Running Up That Hill

22. Unified Rebellion

23. Move

24. Ask Myself (prod. by +he Op+imis+)