Cross Eyed Stars Book by Edren Sumagaysay

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Cross Eyed Stars Book by Edren Sumagaysay

My good friends Edren and Erik started this thing called the Writer's Workshop. It works like this. Pick an area of writing you'd like to improve..commit to writing everyday for 30 your work on a blog. If you miss a day, you get the steel toe... well, not that harsh.. more like a Fuzzy Pink Slipper. Point being that it's a great way to get into a community of writers that are going to hold each other to account. Amazing things happen when you do anything for 30 days in a row. Edren has... multiple times over his lifetime. Cross Eyed Stars is one of his results.

Book Description - A compilation of short stories, letters, and even shorter stories, that tell a larger, ten-year-long story about video-games, friendship, and love.

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Check out Edren's work and the Writer's Workshop at: