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Dupont Guy DVD
Dupont Guy DVD

Dupont Guy DVD

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Dupont Guy (1976, 2007) 35 minutes

Now completely remastered in stereo, as it was meant to be heard.

Just when you thought it was politically safe to openly lust after a blond and income property, the aroma of salted fish hanging in your past ruptures from psychic containment as you realize...

DUPONT GUY is back!

Ranting and raving, poignantly pointy-headed, and pointing fingers every which way, this is the classic Chonk underground broadside that flips over all rocks and turtles and takes no prisoners.

WHO WE ARE forms the unifying theme of DUPONT GUY. It affirms

the legitimacy of Chinese-American (nee Chonk) culture, exploring crosscultural currents of San Francisco's Chinatown: assimilation, self-contempt, schizophrenic language, duplicitous behavior.

Dupont Guy is "DuPont Street" in Cantonese. After the 1906 earthquake, the city fathers re-named the street "Grant Avenue", hoping to redevelop and reclaim Chinatown for a new civic center. But the Chinese were not fooled and came back anyway, and folks today still call it Dupont Guy. It is in this spirit of truth and defiance that DUPONT GUY: The Schiz of Grant Avenue was created.

This DVD is for private home use only. Institutions should buy institutional copies from www.chonkmoonhunter.com.