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Lolan Buhain Sevilla makes her mark on the twenty-first
century with a self-published collection of short stories and poetry that has yet to sit on any bookshelf. This bold offering of words maps the vast territories of angst, longing, resilience and passion through the careful eyes of a 2nd generation queer butch Pinay. A master at writing from the hilarious and vulnerable ‘inner voice’, Sevilla inspires empathy, laughter and tears for a bunch of unlikely characters, ranging from pretty debutantes, lovesick butches to neglected six-year-olds. Underdogs and dreamers alike will no doubt wear out their copies with repeated readings and dog-eared pages. Sevilla succeeds in conquering any possibility of marginalization as a queer, butch Pilipina by putting it all on the page for the world to take notice. Driven by an honest voice and a thirst to get to the other side, this collection is the stuff we wish we could have stumbled upon during lunchtime in the school library.

Published 2005 pinayjive press