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LOLO'S CHILD Special Edition DVD

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Ishmael Bernal Award

Inspired by his father's death Junior embarks on composing the soundtrack to his life. After a two year exile, Junior (Romeo Candido) comes home to bury his father, to bury his childhood and to bury the memories that drove him away. Upon his return he discovers that his absence has left his old world unaffected. Jason his childhood nemesis, his longtime love, Sarah and his history of abuse and anguish all remain as he left it ... unresolved.

"Lolo's Child" is the award-winning feature directorial debut of Filipino-Canadian Romeo Candido, who also stars and composes the film's soundtrack.

-Directors audio commentary
-Deleted Scenes not seen anywhere!
-Making-of featurette
-Interviews with cast/crew
-Music video: Meditations for the Restless
-Music video: Lolo's Child
-Scene Navigation
-Subtitles: English and MORE!

ALL REGION DVD / 80 min. / 2002 / UNRATED, contains adult language and situations; parental discretion is advised