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Masters of the Pillow DVD

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USA 2004 | COLOR | 58 Minutes

This film is about pornography. More to the point, it is about Asian American pornography, a "genre" that previously existed in people's imaginations. MASTERS OF THE PILLOW traces the making of UC-Davis professor Darrell Hamamoto's first-ever Asian American porn movie (SKIN ON SKIN) from its early planning stages to its actual production, and follows the implications this endeavor raises.

Confronting how sexuality and masculinity are treated in the Asian American community, Hou enlists perspectives of filmmakers Justin Lin (BETTER LUCK TOMORROW) and Eric Byler (CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES), professor Elaine Kim and playwright David Henry Hwang to get at the key question of whether Asian America truly needs its own "porno practices" as a way of decolonizing the community's collective sexual imaginations. By including footage from SKIN ON SKIN, MASTERS OF THE PILLOW directly forces viewers to confront their own beliefs and biases—not simply towards pornography, but also towards this unprecedented public display of Asian American sexuality.