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Politically Sexy Culturally Mixed Unisex T Shirt

Brand : robert karimi
Condition :  New
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Politically Sexy, Culturally Mixed T-Shirt

Printed on American Apparel Made in the US, Sweatshop-Free T-Shirts.

Actor / performer Robert Karimi, the creator of the Politically Sexy shirt, is doing his show in San Diego right now!

Self (the remix)

Feb 24th – March 21, 2010

Here’s more info

Self (the remix) is a spoken-word, hip-hop play that tells the tales of an American child of Iranian and Guatemalan immigrants growing up in California in the 1980s in the shadow of the Iranian Hostage Crises. Acclaimed playwright and performer Robert Farid Karimi, accompanied by DJ D Double, tells a "remixed" autobiographical tale of a boy struggling to learn about manhood, nationhood, and neighborhood.

For more info: www.moolelo.net