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Secret Identities Book + Bookplate + Litho Combo

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Secret Identities Book + Bookplate + Litho Combo Deal

What if we told you a tale about a quiet, unassuming guy with black hair and thick glasses; an immigrant, who’s done his best to fit into a world that isn’t his? Many Asian Americans fit that bill. But so does Clark Kent, better known to the world as Superman. —The Editors of SECRET IDENTITIES

Appealing to both comics fans and Asian Americans seeking to claim their place in American culture, SECRET IDENTITIES from editors Jeff Yang, Parry Shen, Keith Chow, and Jerry Ma -- uses the conventions of the superhero comic book to expose the real face of the Asian American experience, usually hidden behind the mask of misperception and stereotype.

This groundbreaking graphic anthology brings together leading Asian American creators in the comics industry—including Gene Yang (National Book Award finalist for American Born Chinese), Bernard Chang (Wonder Woman), Greg Pak (The Hulk), Tak Toyoshima (Secret Asian Man), Dustin Nguyen (Batman) and Christine Norrie (Black Canary Wedding Special )—as well as new and established creators from film (Kelly Hu, Mike Kang, Sung Kang, Leonardo Nam), television (Keiko Agena, Dustin Nguyen, Yul Kwon) and literature (Jamie Ford) to craft original graphical short stories set in a compelling shadow history of our country: from the building of the railroads to the Japanese American internment, the Vietnam airlift, and the incarceration of Dr. Wen Ho Lee.

Entertaining, enlightening and more than a little provocative, Secret Identities blends whiz-bang action, wry satire and thoughtful commentary into a groundbreaking anthology about a community too often overlooked by the cultural mainstream.

(Signed Edition Info)
UNIQUE COLLECTOR'S ITEM! What's better than 200 pages of mind-blowing Asian American marvels? The same pages, PLUS original signatures and sketches from the creators that made them possible! These one-of-a-kind Creator Signed Editions of SECRET IDENTITIES contain autographs and hand-inked artwork from

Parry Shen (www.parryshen.com),
Keiko Agena (www.keikoagena.com),
Sung Kang (www.sungkang.com),
Lynn Chen (www.lynnchen.com),
Benton Jew (www.bentonjew.com),
A.L. Baroza (www.albaroza.com),
Martin Hsu (www.martihsu.com)
and Bernard Chang (www.bernardchang.com).