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The Hands That Time Forgot 2 CD Set Mixtape

Condition :  New
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2 CD set - The Hands That Time Forgot Volume 2 Mixtape by +he op+imis+

Back with his 2nd installment of The Hands That Time Forgot, +he op+imis+ pulls your ass into his DeLorean and floors it. Starting in 2011 and falling backwards in time to the days of Polynesian chants, and back again, "Hands" promises to power up your neurons with tracks from +he op+imis+'s most liked artists including Lupe Fiasco, Jerry Lee Lewis, J5, Visionaries, Rage Against The Machine and his favorite MC, n0b0dy. In an effort to support brick and mortar record shops, +he op+imis+ recorded all tracks (other than the ones he produced) from vinyl records. Two CDs in a case hand printed by +he op+imis+ himself...for the price of one. It's the deal of the century...buy one for your time capsule.